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New Cleaner?

Hiring a new commercial cleaner can be a fast and simple method. Avoid risky contractors and minimise the danger to your business by addressing these simple issues. We have placed together this manual to assist you to choose a unique commercial cleaner. By answering these questions at the beginning of the application phase, you can save a bunch of headaches and legal problems along the way.

1. Make sure your cleaner is not under-insured and has policy restrictions.

2. Ensure that they have $20 million in insurance, avoid $1-5 million insurance providers as these policies are generally easy and arrive with a lengthy range of exclusions and limitations.

3. Make sure that any additional services, such as carpet cleaning or window cleaning, are contained within their policy.

4. Ask about quality control. Do the cleaners have a checklist? How often does a manager come to inspect the standard of clean? Make sure your business cleaner has procedures in place to keep the cleaning of high quality.

5. How long do the cleaning staff stay within the company? Are the staff reliable and permanent?

A constant team implies that each time round you can receive the same service. It helps to preserve a high standard. Each commercial property is distinct and for each site there are always a few complexities or unique demands. The best way to deal with this is through a permanent cleaning crew. It ensures that you see the same familiar faces for each service, and the cleaners also get to understand the details of space. This means you will receive consistently strong cleaning standards; the same friendly faces for every service; greater security and satisfaction; and, never feel that your instructions are getting lost.

6. We recommended to say away from fixed term contracts. 

A cleaning company that locks you into a contract does not believe in its own service. Cleaning companies like so may as well just tell you that they know you won’t be happy with their service and that they need to protect themselves with a contract.  This is wrong. A professional and dedicated cleaning company will prove itself through each service. 

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